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    Frequently Asked Questions


    Driver’s Requirements

    How old do I have to be to hire a car or a bike with TP Rentals?
    You have to be 21 years old for both bike and car rentals.
    How long do I have to have held a license in order to hire a car or bike with TP Rentals?
    You must have held a driving license for at least three years.


    Can anyone else drive my own car or bike rental?
    Yes, but you should inform TP Rentals concerning this matter, since there is an extra charge for an additional driver. The additional driver must also have held a driving license.
    Can I drive a vehicle outside Greece?
    You cannot drive the vehicles outside GREECE without the authorization of TP Rentals in advance.

    Vehicles Information

    Can vehicles be delivered?
    TP Rentals Company owns 5 central offices in significant places around Corfu and thus offers delivery services for free. Please note that there are only some restrictions concerning deliveries late in the evening or at night in certain locations. TP Rentals will provide you with information regarding this matter.
    Can I leave the vehicle empty of fuel?
    The renter is liable to return the car with the same quality of fuel as upon delivery, otherwise he will be charged.

    Regulations and Accidents

    What are the driving laws in Greece?
    It is the renter’s responsibility to know the driving laws in Greece, but we can also offer assistance on this matter.
    What happens in case of breakdown or accident?
    TP Rentals offers 24hr road assistance in case of breakdown or accident. For every matter concerning damages or accidents you can contact us through phone. Our contact center operates 24/7.
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