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    Island Hopping (Paxos & Antipaxos)

    Paxos, Antipaxos Full Day (8 Hours)
    from 28€/pp Enquire Now

    About Island Hopping Full Day Tour

    Visit the unspoilt Greek island of Paxos, with the picturesque town centre, including the hidden streets and the pastel colored houses, being spread around the harbor. Antipaxos ranks highly among the 20 most beautiful islands in the world and is widely-known as the Caribbean of the Ionian Islands. You will be able to have direct access to the beach of Vrika in Antipaxos from the boat in order to enjoy the crystalline water and the amazing scenery. Moreover, you can sail into the blue caves and discover the amazingly colored waters: blue, turquoise and emerald green.

    Without Transfer
    With Transfer
    Adults 28 35
    Children 20 25

    Attraction points

    See the highlights of this tour.

    Why our tours?

    As a car and motorbike rentals company, we do know really well which places around Corfu and Greece are must-see, since we have been working in the tourism sector for more than forty years. Moreover, our tours are offered in good rates, including several opportunities during your trip.

    Meeting Point

    The meeting point of each tour along with the duration depends on where you stay (hotel, apartments etc.) Contact us for certain details about your own tour.

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