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    Monasteries, Kalambaka Full Day (8 Hours)
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    About Meteora Full Day Tour

    Meteora literally means “the middle of the sky” or “the heaven above”. Spiritual, magical, mystical, extraordinary, breathtaking, inspiring, impressive: these are only some of the words people very often use to describe Meteora.

    Meteora is the largest and most important complexes of the Eastern Orthodox Monasteries in Greece, located in Mt. Athos. It is said that monks have inhabited the mountain top since the 9th century. Over the years 24 monasteries have been built and the oldest one dates back to the 12th century. Until recently the only way of access to the monasteries was through ladders or ropes. Visit two of the monasteries and enjoy a guided tour about the history and religious tradition of this area. Finally, you can pre-book a lunch in the beautiful area of Kalambaka.

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    Meteora Monasteries

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    As a car and motorbike rentals company, we do know really well which places around Corfu and Greece are must-see, since we have been working in the tourism sector for more than forty years. Moreover, our tours are offered in good rates, including several opportunities during your trip.

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    The meeting point of each tour along with the duration depends on where you stay (hotel, apartments etc.) Contact us for certain details about your own tour.

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